Get the Love, Support, Affection, Connection & Respect You Want...

Get The Love, Support, 
Connection, Affection & 
Respect You Want...

Becoming skilled in relationships is a bit like becoming skilled in Martial Arts...It takes years and practice to become a black belt, and most people aren't even a white belt.  
- Jenny Morrow (Co-Founder, The Advanced Relationship Academy)
Helping Individuals & Couples...

-  Go from Power Struggle to Powerful Influence 
​-  Utilize "Incompatible Differences" To Create Bigger Wins
-  STOP Feeling Anxious, Depressed, and Overwhelmed by Relationship Struggles, and Get The RESULTS You Really Want!
​-  Eradicate Draining Conversations, & Learn Laser-Focused, Impact Collaboration for Win-Win's 
​-  Experience Deeper Satisfaction, Connection & More Fun in Your Most Important Relationships
​-  Repair Broken Relationships & Recover from Betrayals
​-  Work Through Changes, Struggles, & Transitions In A More Creative, Effective, Way? 
​-  Stay Focused and Consistent With What You REALLY Value!

*For details on HOW we work with clients see our COACHING PROGRAMS PAGE


PILLAR #1: It is possible to have the kinds of relationships you want! (this is 'life's job'). 

PILLAR #2: You, and only you, have the power to turn around your relationship struggles, and begin creating the outcomes you want. (this is your job). 

PILLAR #3: There are Universal "laws" of relationships that MUST be understood and followed if you want to truly experience the power of creating what you desire in relationships. (Helping you learn these is our job). 

Meet Your Master Coaches...
Jenny Morrow 
Co-Founder Advanced Relationship Academy

-  Over 12 years as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
-  Jenny has sat in over 11,000 sessions with Private Clients
-  Developed The Intimacy Blueprint & the POET Process to help you master your relationship to yourself & others.
- Specializes in helping individuals & couples navigate religious transition & mixed-faith (or secular/religious) marriages.
- She loves walking, yoga, traveling, seeing new places, the sun, deepening her relationships, and learning more about the healing power of food.  
-  She is married to Bryce Bauer and describes her relationship with Bryce as an opportunity to be REAL in ways she’d never experienced before. 
Bryce Bauer
Co-Founder Advanced Relationship Academy

-  Over 10,000 hours working with adult men and women in addiction/therapeutic programs.
-  Bryce is a Professionally Certified Coach through the International Coaches Federation…and trained specifically in Relationship Coaching through the Relationship School. 
-  He has a unique interest in the experience of meditation as a practice for developing radical self-love, and extreme ownership in his life.  
- He loves playing basketball, connecting with family and friends, backpacking and international travel.
- He is married to Jenny Morrow, and describes his relationship with Jenny as the most challenging and uplifting experience of his life. 

Hear From Our Clients...
"I have read about other's approaches, but Jenny's process, P.O.E.T, works best for me! This understanding was the missing piece in my marriage!" 
Becky J.
Amazing coach! Bryce helped me during a time where I didn’t have much direction or purpose. He helped me understand what I wanted out of life and pushed me to go get it. He has a unique understanding of the trials you men face and have already recommended him to friends. Do yourself a favor and call Bryce!
David G.
"Working with Jenny has helped me so much! My relationships with my family and myself have really grown while learning the P.O.E.T process she teaches.  I feel more checked in to my life. I now have some great tools to get what I want out of life and to create stronger relationships. I am finally building the life I want instead of just coasting along!"
Amanda N.
"Jenny gets it.  Whenever I listen to her, what she has to say resonates with me.  Her understanding of complex human interactions and emotions that can be so overwhelming and her ability to take them apart into bite-sized, manageable, pieces has been AMAZING!
John B.
"I have seen a will to thrive that was lacking before.  In my relationships I have been able to show up more authentically.  I feel a profound gratitude for Jenny, and her guidance!” 
Hannah N.
"Being coached by Bryce has helped me to connect with myself on a more intimate level, which has radiated outward to my relationships. I feel safe, seen, & held with great care in his gentle yet masculine presence. His ability to challenge in a loving way has allowed me to take one step further than I typically can when I go it solo
Levi C.
"Bryce is the man!  In just over a month he has helped me turn my life around emotionally.  I tried a few people before I found Bryce, and I have been able to see and feel the difference with his approach to coaching.
McKay C.
""Working with Jenny has been fantastic. I've seen a few therapists, and all have been helpful in some way. But working with Jenny is different. Coaching is different. She has a way of staying with you right where you are, so you can actually experience it and heal, instead of just trying to fix it in your head. If you're not where you want to be, you're not going to get there alone. Having Jenny "on my team" has helped me grow leaps and bounds towards the goals I wanted but was too afraid to go for 100% before. If you don't plan on going anywhere don't work with her - but if you've got some place to go and you really want to get there, Jenny is one of the best guides! Thanks Jenny!"
Scott M.

"The P.O.E.T process has become a daily road map for helping me to figure out what these powerful emotions, what they mean, and how to use that information to move forward toward the connection and intimacy I want in life. for the first time in many years, I feel that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train.” 
John B.
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