Conscious Relationships 101
150-minutes of Class Time and Step-by-Step Instruction through Powerful Exercises 
Learn everything you were never taught in school about relationships...with Bryce Bauer
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With Bryce Bauer
Bryce Bauer (*see about Bryce below)
About Your Teacher, Bryce:
As a young kid, everyone described me as shy, sensitive, and smart. I was always trying to read what was going on for other people, and I did my best to be the “good boy”.  

Growing up in the Midwest, and in a family where it was expected that I engage in tough sports like wrestling, football, and boxing...I naturally played the role. 

Even though I loved sports, I noticed that my deeply sensitive side had no place to go in this world, and I developed ways to shut it down. 

I shut it down so much that I created a totally opposite role as the “tough guy” or “bad boy” to find acceptance within my peer group.

​When dating came into the picture, I found that many women were attracted to my persona, and I sunk deeper into my pattern. 

By college, I had created a path of destruction that included broken relationships, legal troubles, school expulsion, and drug addiction. My only opportunity at that point was to attend a treatment center and start a new way of living.

I thought that I was going to rehab to sort out my drug and alcohol problem, but what I learned was that the real issue was with my relationship to myself and others. When it came down to it, I realized that what I really wanted was a close family, community, and partner.
After I re-entered the real world, I did my best to better myself and I followed my dream to move out west and work in the therapy industry. Although I was great at helping people, focusing on others gave me some protection from facing myself and I still greatly struggled with intimate relationships, behind the scenes.

I went on many dates and participated in a few long-term relationships that ended terribly. It was easier to put the blame on them and look at my long history of social work as evidence that I was more mature or enlightened on the subject of relationship.

It took a year-long hiatus, and traveling abroad by myself, for me to realize that I had problems. The fun and freedom I experienced was matched by the loneliness and frustration I felt when I was forced to be with my feelings. This struggle again opened me up to the possibility of more depth and understanding.

It was no accident that I drew Jenny into my life. We both agreed within our first coffee date that we were looking for someone who could stand in the fire, take ownership, and go the distance. 

That’s what we have been doing ever since...and it continues to be the most challenging and uplifting experience of my life.

After combining forces in a partnership, we naturally chose to combine our passion, skills, and knowledge to help other couples create the most intimate, loving, and powerful relationships on the planet.

I have a unique interest in the experience of meditation as a practice for developing radical self-love, and extreme ownership in his life.  

After 10,000 hours of helping adult men and women create deeper connections in therapeutic programs in Utah, New Mexico and Hawaii, becoming a Professionally Certified Coach through the International Coaches Federation…and getting trained specifically in Relationship Coaching, Jenny and I have co-founded the Advanced Relationship Academy.

I am a lifelong student, teacher, and soul searcher. I invite you to open your heart, quiet your mind, and witness what is possible in your closest relationship.
David G.
Amazing coach! Bryce helped me during a time where I didn’t have much direction or purpose. He helped me understand what I wanted out of life and pushed me to go get it. He has a unique understanding of the trials you men face and have already recommended him to friends. Do yourself a favor and call Bryce!
What Is Conscious Relationships - 101?
Conscious Relationships 101 - with Bryce Bauer
In this course, you will learn about Attachment Styles, the 7 Stages of Relationship, How and Why to do Conflict, and Easy-to-Understand Solutions to your Relationship Struggles.  I walk you through several Powerful Exercises that you can start using Right Now.  It is possible to change your mindset, relax, and feel better about yourself and your relationship.  
Course Outline
  • Module 1:
  • - Everything you Never learned in school about Relationships
  • - Everything you Need to Unlearn about Relationships
  • -  Attachment Theory
  • - Boundaries
  • - How to Soothe 

  • Module 2 :​ 
  • - The 7 Stages of Relationship
  • - How to identify where you are
  • - How to move through Stages

  •  Module 3:
  • - Why we Fight
  • - 4 Types of Fights
  • - Conflict Commitments
  • - Felt Understanding Tool

  •  Module 4:
  • - How to Use Emotions as Sign Posts
  • - How to Clarify and Own your Strategies
  • - Parts Work
  • - Turnarounds
Levi C.
Being coached by Bryce has helped me to connect with myself on a more intimate level, which has radiated outward to my relationships. I feel safe, seen, & held with great care in his gentle yet masculine presence. His ability to challenge in a loving way has allowed me to take one step further than I typically can when I go it solo
What Makes This Learning Different
  • This course is not your normal relationship course.  After working in the therapy/coaching world for 10 years, I've seen what works and what doesn't.  This course offers the best of both the therapy and coaching world with relationship theory, practical exercises, and a foundation in mindfulness.
  • It's all about YOU!  Yes.  It doesn't matter where you are in your relationship life because I will show you how to shift things NOW.  QUICKLY.  EFFICIENTLY.  You don't have to wait for anyone else to do anything.
McKay C.
Bryce is the man! In just over a month he has helped me turn my life around emotionally. I don't know everything about coaching or therapy but i tried a few people before i got in touch Bryce so i have been able to see and feel the difference with his approach to coaching/therapy. He asks a lot of questions that help you, your conscious mind, and your subconscious mind to sort things out and focus on what is really important to YOU. One thing I have loved that Bryce does is his offering of different perspectives. I think he realizes that everyone is different so he focuses on everyone in a personal way. He has life experience to feed off of and he is completely non-judgemental. One of the main things he will help with is directing you to figure out for YOURSELF what really matters to YOU and what YOU really want. I would recommend him to anyone feeling anxiety, depression, or even a lack of direction/motivation.
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