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ROCK-SOLID Partnership YOU Want!

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Meet Your Presenter
Jenny Morrow
-  - Jenny is a 13-Year Marriage & Family Therapist & Relationship Coach
- Founder of the Advanced Relationship Academy.
- Host of the "Ask A Relationship Coach Podcast."
- She has sat in over 12,000 sessions with Private Clients
- Developed The Advanced Relationship Development Model...including the Intimacy Blueprint & the POET Process. 
- Uses the process she teaches in her own life...EVERYDAY!
- She is married to Bryce Bauer and describes her relationship with Bryce as an opportunity to be REAL in ways she’d never experienced before. 
What You Will Learn In This FREE Webclass:
  • The REAL Reason You're Struggling In Your Relationship...
It's Not What You Think! There is a VERY specific reason you are struggling to get the love, support, and romance you want...and it may SURPRISE YOU!
  • The TRUTH About WHY Your Efforts To FIX Your Relationship Aren't Working...and Why Counseling May Actually Make Things Worse...
It doesn't matter how HARD you try to fix your relationship. If you're still doing THIS ONE THING...your efforts are will backfire!
  • The PROVEN PROCESS For Turning Around Painful Situations & What It Takes To Inspire a Man To WANT To Show Up...Emotionally...
Even though it is not your "fault" that the man you love is not fully showing up...there is a very specific process that will inspire a man to step up and give you the support, love, attention, romance & real partnership you have always wanted!
​"I loved learning the POET practice and use it all the time. I have read about other approaches but POET works the best for me. I am loving learning about masculine and feminine energy. I feel like this understanding was really the missing piece in my marriage!" 

- Becky J. 
"Jenny gets it. Whenever I listen to her, what she has to say resonates with me. Her understanding of complex human interactions and emotions that can be so overwhelming and her ability to take them apart into bite-sized, manageable, pieces has been AMAZING!"
- John B.
"I have seen a will to thrive that was lacking before. In my relationships I have been able to show up more authentically. I feel a profound gratitude for this guidance!" 
- Hannah N.
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