6-Month Course & Coaching Program 
Stop Feeling Anxious, Unloved & Unseen...Learn HOW to Get 
Real & Authentic So that You Can Create The Most Intimate, 
Loving & Powerful Relationships On The Planet!
6-Month Course & Coaching Program 
Stop Feeling Anxious, Unloved & Unseen...Learn HOW to Get Real & Authentic, So That You Can Create The Most Intimate, Loving and Powerful Relationships On The Planet!
​"Through Jenny's POET process my husband and I learned to communicate in a way where we both felt safe, secure, and truly heard!  I am so confident in Jenny's work that I have referred others to her and watched their lives transform!"

- Amber S. 
(20-video course) This deep-dive online course is nearly 20 hours of the most Advanced Relationship Information.  The Mastery lessons go through the entire Advanced Relationship Development Model (see below), and will show you how to move from feeling anxious, depressed, alone, and disconnected in your relationships, to feeling seen, supported and having the depth of connection you truly want.
The Online Course Includes The Core Teachings of The Advanced Relationship Development Model, Including: The Advanced Relationship Blueprint (the Map), The P.O.E.T Process (the Process), The Access Points (The points of change opportunity), The Dynamic of Struggle & Harmony (The Polarities), and a variety of Tools & Techniques for how to get more real in your relationships and navigate conflict in a creative, collaborative, and productive way!


A map from which you can identify two Relationship Positions...Traditional Relationship & Advanced  Relationship. This includes looking at how you relate to yourself as well as how you relate to others, esp. to a Primary Partner.

A Traditional Relationship includes demands, obligations, passivity, pretending, avoidance, aggression, compromise, competition, scorekeeping, burying things, authority, & seeing a loved one as someone that can hold you back, and therefore needs to be "fixed," "changed," or "controlled."  

Advanced Relationship includes passion, compassion, radical honesty & extreme ownership, real alignment, requests, knowing & honoring needs, respect, expansion & deepening, seeing all of your loved ones as allies, & cooperative/collaborative conversation. 

The Advanced Relationship Blueprint will help you assess your relationship, and where you are at any given moment.  


The Four Essential Steps for moving from Traditional Relationship to Advanced Relationship in ANY Moment.


No matter how Advanced you become, and no matter how much you grow, you will always have your limits. The Four Access Points are the four doorways through which you can apply the P.O.E.T Process to continually grow your capacity when you bump up against your Intimacy Limits.


How harmonizing the opposites will be the difference between relational struggle & relational ease.  

While the course learning is important...nothing takes the place of practice, and having someone trained in Advanced Relationship observe how you're navigating your relationships, and give you feedback.

Weekly LIVE Relationship Coaching classes happen over Zoom. These are small classes (capped at 10 people per class), and are set up for Q&A, Live Coaching, and Practicing the Advanced Relationship Skills.

Currently classes take place on Tuesdays at 6:30-7:30 PM (Mountain Time).  
Many students who are interested in Advanced Relationship find themselves feeling lonely, or wondering if they are the only ones who really want to have deep, connected, relationships...

Joining the Advanced Relationship Mastery Course gives you immediate access to a tribe that is interested in Advanced Relationships, and who is willing to support you in doing the work to create them.  
Becky J.
​"I have read about other's approaches, but Jenny's process, P.O.E.T, works best for me! I have loved learning about masculine & feminine energy.  This understanding was the missing piece in my marriage!"

If you said yes, to any of the above CLICK HERE to set up a no obligation, 15-Min. chat with Jenny to discuss your unique situation, and whether this course would be a good fit for you.

Scott M.
"Working with Jenny has been fantastic. I've seen a few therapists, and all have been helpful in some way. But working with Jenny is different. Coaching is different. She has a way of staying with you right where you are, so you can actually experience it and heal, instead of just trying to fix it in your head.   Jenny is one of the best guides! Thanks Jenny!"
Transform Your Most 
Important Relationships 
Transform Your Most Important Relationships 
Are you tired of suffering from a lack of support, attention, affection or love?

Do you feel a longing to be truly seen, appreciated, and accepted for who you are?

Do you want to learn HOW to face difficult conversations head on, and engage in creative collaboration, rather than destructive patterns of conflict. 

The TRUTH is…It is possible to stop feeling anxious, alone or frustrated, and finally get the support, love, romance and connection you really want!! 

Imagine what it would be like to feel excited to wake up next to your partner...

Imagine what it would be like to have real, and deep, connection with your children...

Imagine what it would be like to have family members and friends look up to you...

With Jenny's simple four-step process (POET), you can begin to 
create more love, depth, attention, and affection immediately!
  • ​This course will teach you what it really takes to stop feeling anxious, unloved, and unseen, and begin to get all of the love, support, romance, and connection you really want.
  • ​​Learn the Secrets of being highly desired…even having the one that you love seek you out for the privilege of your time and attention.
  • ​Learn the steps for Creative Collaboration, and what it takes to get to authentic win-win's.
  • ​This course will give you tools and techniques for exactly what to do or say when your partner is checked out, being critical, walled-off, or not giving you the support, attention and affection you really want.
This mastery course is designed to be THE MOST comprehensive course on creating 
The PASSIONATE Love & The ROCK-SOLID Partnership You Have ALWAYS Wanted!
What Makes This Course Different
While there are many great "relationship" gurus and coaches out there, I truly believe this course gets at the core of why you are struggling any relationship, and how you can begin turning things around starting today.  Not only have the four steps of POET transformed my own relationship life...but I have watched them transform the relationships of thousands of clients.  

Have you have tried other "strategies" for resolving your relationship struggles, only to find yourself once again disappointed, frustrated, or on your own.  

This course is not your normal relationship course. It was created after sitting in over 11,000 sessions with both men, women, and hearing the struggles from all sides, and seeing what REALLY works to create more confident, satisfying, intimate relationships.
Hannah N.
"I have seen a will to thrive that was lacking before. In my relationships I have been able to show up more authentically. I feel a profound gratitude for Jenny, and her guidance!" 

Rosie L.

"Jenny’s insight has opened the door for emotional freedom, ease of mind, and a sense of security that lead to deep and real healing. She worked with me to form associations and images that produced in me an authentic, personalized peacefulness. Just the other day I brought to mind what Jenny and I had come up with, and a sense of calm enveloped my whole body. As my shoulders relaxed and a sigh escaped, my partner exclaimed from across the table, 'Wow, that's the most relaxed I've seen you all day'. Thank you Jenny!"

Your Relationship To Yourself & Your Relationship To Others Are A Mirror Of Each Other...Learn How to Master Both!

Amanda N.
"Jenny has helped me so much! My relationships with family and myself have really grown while working with her and I feel more checked in to my life. She has given me some great tools to get what I want out of life and to create stronger relationships. I am finally building the life I want instead of just coasting along!"

If you said yes, to any of the above CLICK HERE to set up a no obligation, 15-Min. chat with Jenny to discuss your unique situation, and whether this course would be a good fit for you.

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