How to Repair after a Fight
Understand Your Attachment Style
Join Relationship Coach Bryce Bauer for an interactive LIVE training designed to support you in building a Rock-Solid Partnership.
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Discover your attachment style
Your early-childhood relationship blueprint was formed before the age of two. Learning about how you attach to your partner is key to a thriving relationship.
Learn whats holding you back 
Secure adult attachment requires emotional attunement and mindfulness. Learn what patterns are sabotaging your joy and happiness in relationship.
Feel more connected to your partner
 You'll learn how to create the type of life that has you feeling excited. You have energy to go out and enjoy your life more! This is what a conscious partnership is all about.
** PLUS - HUGE bonus: just show up on the webinar LIVE and I'll GIVE you a special bonus only available to those attending live.
What can this training help with?
- Loss of Intimacy and Emotional Connection
- Creating New Relationship Agreements
- Boredom
- Improving your Sex Life
- Learning Productive Conflict
- Creating Safety and Fun in the Relationship
About Your Trainer
Bryce Bauer
Relationship COach
Bryce completed his first coach training in 2009 with The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA and went on to work for several drug treatment facilities in Utah, New Mexico, and Hawaii. After receiving his PCC from the International Coaches Federation in 2016, he moved into private practice and found that relationship struggles were often the common denominator in many people's life problems.

He joined The Relationship School in 2018 and has served as a Assistant Course Leader for the Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationships and as a Certified Mentor in the Relationship Coach Training Program.

When he isn't geeking out about relationships or coaching, he is traveling with his wife, playing basketball, hiking, mountain biking, meditating, playing volleyball, and connecting with friends. He is deeply devoted to self development and he seeks out the top experts in the areas of life where he wants to grow the most. Some of his direct mentors include Jason Stein, Tej Steiner, and Jayson Gaddis.
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