Are You Tired Of Feeling Alone, Unseen, And Anxious In Love?...
This Ebook Reveals Secret Strategies To Inspiring His Desire!
YES, HE WANTS YOU! A Successful 
Women's Guide to Inspiring a 
Man's Desire...Forever
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YES, you can have it! The kind of love you really want.  

The kind of love that feels comfortable and exciting! Fun and familiar! Hot and free.

The kind of love that's reserved for those that are brave enough to be both lovers and friends.  

The kind of love in which you have something bigger to give to the world, 
and something amazing to enjoy in each other.  

And even though years go by, and things change, 
you still want to connect with each some way, everyday!

This is the kind of love I am talking about in this book.  
Jenny Morrow, Author & Relationship Expert
My name is Jenny Morrow, and I am here to share everything I have learned!

Let me tell you a little bit more about my own relationship journey, and why I’m SO invested in helping you!

Growing up, the thing I wanted more than anything else was an intimate family life...and a deep, romantic, relationship with an incredible husband. Despite my desire…I had no idea how to get there.

I went on hundreds of dates...literally. I pined for men who didn't love me back. And even when I was in a relationship, I continued with patterns of a "relationship fantasy" addiction that kept me from deeply connecting.

After 7 years in the business field, I went back to graduate school to study intimate relationships, and learn how to turn relationship struggle into relationship success...

I now understand more about my own intimate relationship challenges. I was born and raised in a very conservative culture, and while I felt very loved and supported by both my religion and family in so many ways, I also experienced deep shame around any parts of me that weren’t seen as being “the good girl.”

- I had learned not to feel (or express) anger.  

- I had learned to stuff “negative” emotions, 

- I had believed that in order to REALLY be loved and accepted I needed to be perfect. 

It wasn’t until I began working with clients as a Marriage and Family Therapist nearly 12 years ago that I began to see a longing in my client's eyes, that I had in my own eyes...TO BE ME! 

And to be loved and accepted for who I really am. 

I realized that in order to experience the love life, and intimate relationships, I really wanted…

I would need to be willing to step up and start living life the way I was teaching clients to live it…authentically. 

That meant that...

- I would need to stop pretending.   

- I would need to stop trying to prove myself.

- I would need to stop using “niceness” to try and earn love.

And that began a journey of some life decisions that allowed me to explore my beliefs about love, led me to developing the POET process, become an expert relationship coach, and best of all…to get married, for the first time, to the love of my life at age 38.  

And I am here to say that if I was able to turn around my relationship struggles, so can you! 

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you can learn the same four-step process (POET) I developed and used myself, to begin having more fun, more love, more commitment, more attention, more affection, and more intimacy in your most important relationships.  

While it took me years to learn the secrets of a real relationship, you don’t need to wait! You can begin creating more love, affection, attention, commitment and support starting today. 

And that’s what the Advanced Relationships Academy is all about!

I hope you love reading this book, as much as I loved writing it!

- Jenny Morrow
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