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Get the PASSIONATE Love & ROCK-SOLID Partnership You Want!...No matter how frustrating or painful things have been...
"I have read about other's approaches, but Jenny's process, P.O.E.T, works best for me! This understanding was the missing piece in my marriage!" 
Becky J. 
  • STOP Fighting & START Having Productive & Loving Conversations...
  • ​Work Through BIG Differences (i.e. different religious beliefs, ways of parenting, sexual preferences, needs, etc.)
  • ​Feel Less Anxious, Depressed, or Overwhelmed by Your Relationship Struggles...
  • ​Heal From a Betrayal, Painful Secret, or Affair...
  • ​Develop Deeper Connection & More Fun...
  • ​Healing After A Divorce
  • ​Work Through Life Changes, Struggles, or Transitions In A More Creative, Effective, Way?
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- 12-Year Marriage & Family Therapist
- Has Worked with Private Clients in over 11,000 sessions
- After training in a variety of coaching models & therapy models, she developed the Intimacy Blueprint & The P.O.E.T Process to consistently get the BEST results in her own relationship life, and in her client's relationship lives.

- Worked with Adult Men & Women in Wilderness Therapy & other Treatment Environments for 10 years.  
- Trained & Certified as a Professional Life Coach through the ICF.  
- Trained as a Relationship Coach through the Relationship School (a 2-year intensive training).  
- Utilizes the most current research to help clients develop a truly safe, secure, and growing relationship.

- Cofounded the Advanced Relationship Academy
- Teach and coach individuals and couples (See Services)
- Cohost The Conscious Couple Podcast
- Run the Relationship Mastery Inner-Circle Community
- Personally do the work to create the Most Intimate, Loving & Powerful Relationship on the Planet, and helping anyone else who wants to do the same!
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What Is The Difference Between Therapy and Coaching?
This is a great question!  Therapy is a disease-oriented service.  It aims to diagnose & treat mental illness.  Because of this approach, clients, or patients, are considered a vulnerable population.  Many insurance companies will help cover therapy, and HIPPA is in place for Medical Privacy and Confidentiality.

Coaching is a results oriented approach.  The purpose of coaching is to help clients achieve a certain goal (other than Medical Treatment), outcome, or level of Mastery within a skill set.  While many therapists employ emotional and interpersonal coaching techniques, a coach does not utilize medical intervention.  
Why Do We Choose To Work With Our Clients As Relationship Coaches?
We choose to offer our clients coaching (rather than therapy) because...

- It is a better fit for what we do. We help people Advance their Relationship skills, Mindset, and Relationship Results (within their relationship with themselves, their partner, their dating life, their family, friends, co-workers, etc.)
- We assume our clients are able to own and make personal decisions. If disease, clinical addictions, and/or mental illness is impeding this we will discuss this with our clients, and refer them to the appropriate resources for medical help.
- We offer our clients resources that are helpful for Relationship Learning & Development, but are not a part of Medical Treatment...such as online group work (Relationship Mastery Community), Live Events, Facebook groups, and other important relationship development resources.
What If My Partner/Spouse Is NOT Ready To Do Relationship Coaching Or Get Relationship Help?
This is a VERY common scenario, and the first step is to release any judgment around this.  Even though they aren't ready today doesn't mean they won't be ready in a week, a month or a year.  Doing Advanced Relationship Work is a lot like upleveling from an old model of something (say the telephone), to a new model (such as the iphone).  Some people will be ready to try the new way faster than others.  If you start the process and do your own work, it is highly likely that at some point your partner/spouse will be inspired to do their work.  

But whether or not your partner ever does their own work, YOU will have to do your work to create the relationship life you want. have nothing to lose.  

You can initiate the conversation by saying something like... "Dear partner, I want to learn to be a better husband/wife & father/mother and so I am going to get some support.  Are you interested in joining me?"

If they are not, don't despair.  Move forward with your own work!  And watch what happens :).

We work with about half couples and half individuals.  In both situations the work and learning can change everything.  
What Is Remote (Or Online) Coaching?
Remote (or online) coaching means that we meet with all of our clients via a remote (or online) platform...such as Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or Telephone.  We do this for a few reasons...

-  We believe it is in the best interest of our clients to have their coaching experiences, and to learn the skills and advanced mindsets in their own personal space.  Rather than coming into the "safe space" Bryce or I have set up, we want all of our clients to create and set up their own "safe spaces," where they can continue to have personal and intimate conversations...(we will help any client who is unsure of how to do this).  
-  We find that remote (or online) work supports the coaching relationship, the outcomes, and client satisfaction in a positive way.  
-  Remote (or online) coaching means more time for Individual and/or Relational development work, and less time needed for commuting to and from sessions.  
-  At times we work with couple's who are in different locations than each other.  Remote (or online) coaching makes this possible.
-  Remote (or Online) Coaching allows us to work with our clients who are all over the world!
Are There Times It Is Best To NOT Do Relationship Coaching (or Marriage Therapy)?
There are a few circumstances under which Relationship Coaching (or Marriage Therapy) may not be helpful and may actually be harmful.  According to the research, these circumstances are...

-  Domestic Violence.  If this is happening, please seek safety first.    
-  Deep emotional and/or psychological disturbances in one or both spouses
-  Clinical Addiction.  

If any of these circumstances are currently happening, we suggest that you, and/or you and your partner, first seek treatment for the presenting issue.  If you are currently in treatment, feel free to reach out and we can discuss your unique situation, and whether individual, or relationship coaching, would be appropriate at this time.  

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Hear From Our Clients...
"I have read about other's approaches, but Jenny's process, P.O.E.T, works best for me! This understanding was the missing piece in my marriage!" 
Becky J.
Amazing coach! Bryce helped me during a time where I didn’t have much direction or purpose. He helped me understand what I wanted out of life and pushed me to go get it. He has a unique understanding of the trials you men face and have already recommended him to friends. Do yourself a favor and call Bryce!
David G.
"Working with Jenny has helped me so much! My relationships with my family and myself have really grown while learning the P.O.E.T process she teaches.  I feel more checked in to my life. I now have some great tools to get what I want out of life and to create stronger relationships. I am finally building the life I want instead of just coasting along!"
Amanda N.
"Jenny gets it.  Whenever I listen to her, what she has to say resonates with me.  Her understanding of complex human interactions and emotions that can be so overwhelming and her ability to take them apart into bite-sized, manageable, pieces has been AMAZING!
John B.
"I have seen a will to thrive that was lacking before.  In my relationships I have been able to show up more authentically.  I feel a profound gratitude for Jenny, and her guidance!” 
Hannah N.
"Being coached by Bryce has helped me to connect with myself on a more intimate level, which has radiated outward to my relationships. I feel safe, seen, & held with great care in his gentle yet masculine presence. His ability to challenge in a loving way has allowed me to take one step further than I typically can when I go it solo
Levi C.
"Bryce is the man!  In just over a month he has helped me turn my life around emotionally.  I tried a few people before I found Bryce, and I have been able to see and feel the difference with his approach to coaching.
McKay C.
""Working with Jenny has been fantastic. I've seen a few therapists, and all have been helpful in some way. But working with Jenny is different. Coaching is different. She has a way of staying with you right where you are, so you can actually experience it and heal, instead of just trying to fix it in your head. If you're not where you want to be, you're not going to get there alone. Having Jenny "on my team" has helped me grow leaps and bounds towards the goals I wanted but was too afraid to go for 100% before. If you don't plan on going anywhere don't work with her - but if you've got some place to go and you really want to get there, Jenny is one of the best guides! Thanks Jenny!"
Scott M.

"The P.O.E.T process has become a daily road map for helping me to figure out what these powerful emotions, what they mean, and how to use that information to move forward toward the connection and intimacy I want in life. for the first time in many years, I feel that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train.” 
John B.
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