"Becoming skilled in Advanced Relationship is a bit like becoming skilled in Yoga...It takes years and practice to become a master, most people aren't even practicing, & even a little bit of work can make a big difference!"  

Jenny Morrow (Founder, Advanced Relationship Academy)



Jenny Morrow

- Jenny is a 13-Year Marriage & Family Therapist & Relationship Coach
- Founder of the Advanced Relationship Academy.
- She has sat in over 12,000 sessions with Private Clients
- Developed The Advanced Relationship Coaching Model...including the Intimacy Blueprint & the POET Process. 
- Uses the process she teaches in her own life...EVERYDAY!
- She is married to Bryce Bauer and describes her relationship with Bryce as an opportunity to be REAL in ways she’d never experienced before. 

Bryce Bauer

- Bryce is a Professionally Certified Coach through the International Coaches Federation
- Certified Relationship Coach through the Relationship School (Intensive 2-year training).
- Over 10,000 hours working with adult men and women in addiction/therapeutic programs.
- He has a unique interest in the experience of meditation as a practice for developing radical self-love, and extreme ownership in his life.  
- He is married to Jenny Morrow, and describes his relationship with Jenny as the most challenging and uplifting experience of his life. 


Private Coaching is designed to help you MASTER YOUR RELATIONSHIP LIFE.

Sessions are done via Video Conference (over Zoom).  We will email you a link to the video conference call when you schedule a session.  If you are using a Mac, PC, or Android phone you simply click the Zoom link at the time of the call.  If you are using an iPhone, download the free Zoom App prior to the call, and then click the link at the time of the call. 

Sessions are $150 (60 min.).  

You decide how much work you want to do.  Clients who get the most success are those who really learn how advanced relationships work.  This takes about 3-6 months of weekly, or bi-weekly, sessions, with follow up sessions as needed.  But it's up to you how deeply you want to dive, and how much you want to learn.  

These sessions are for individuals or couples.  

All of our clients get instant access to the Advanced Relationship Mastery Course (a 20-video online course).  

Schedule a 60-min. Private Coaching Session
With Jenny or Bryce ($150):

Schedule a 60-min. Private Coaching Session With Jenny or Bryce HERE ($150):

Or...Start with a FREE 20 Min. Phone Consultation HERE

*This no-obligation consultation is done via telephone.  We will discuss your unique situation, and options for moving forward.


The Advanced Relationship Mastery Course is a 6 month self-directed online course taught by Jenny Morrow.  It includes the core teachings and many tools & techniques for applying the Advanced Relationship Process.  

This 20-video Mastery Course includes 4 foundational videos, and 16 weekly-videos that include teachings, practices, and a Mastery Assignment.  

This is THE core course that we require of ALL of our students and coaching clients (*You get free access to this course if you purchase 4, or more, private coaching sessions, or join Jenny's Women's group). 

- What is the difference between therapy & coaching?

The difference between therapy & coaching is that therapy is a medical treatment & Coaching is a self-improvement process aimed towards a specific result (in this case, a more Advanced Relationship life).  Even though Jenny maintains her License as A Marriage Therapist, she does not offer therapy to clients.  This means she does not do any medical diagnosis or treatment.  If you need Medical support, Mental health support, or Addiction treatment we encourage you to reach out to specialists in those areas.  In some cases Coaching can be done alongside therapy and/or medical treatment.  If you would like an assessment of your specific situation please schedule a free consultation, and we will discuss whether coaching is a good fit at this time.   

-  Is online coaching effective?

After 12-years doing therapy both in-person and online, Jenny has found online coaching to be as effective, if not more so, than in-person coaching.  Online coaching requires you to create a "safe" space to do personal and/or relationship work in your own home environment.  There are a couple of potential benefits to this:  

1)  Having a "safe place" in your own environment to do personal work and have honest conversations increases chances of long-term success.  

2)  Doing the work in your own environment allows you to practice the mindset shifts and skills in your own space.  This can help with memory and retention of the changes your making. 

If you have any questions, or need some ideas for how to create a private space in your own environment, schedule a free consult to discuss this.  

-  What if my partner doesn't want to join me for coaching?

If you want to work on your Primary Partnership/Marriage, it is ideal if both people want to start the process together.  That being said, more than 50% of the time we start with individuals.  It's just the reality that often one person is ready before the other.  If your partner wants to join at any time during the coaching process we will discuss ways to best integrate them into the work at that time.  

-  What if I am single?

Relationship Coaching is about ALL of your relationships...including your relationship to yourself.  Relationship Mastery coaching will focus on the areas of your personal & relationship life that you want to improve.  We will discuss dating and partnership as it fits your current situation and values.  


This is the model we teach from in our courses & coaching...

This is the model we 
teach from in our courses 
& coaching...

The model of Advanced Relationship Mastery that we teach includes: The Intimacy Blueprint (the Map), The P.O.E.T Process (the Process), The Access Points (The points of change opportunity), The Dynamic of Struggle & Harmony (relational imbalance vs. relational integration), The 5 Stages Of Creation (the context for application), The Skills (the tools & techniques), and Accountability (coaching and/or practice partners).  

We want to understand your unique Relationship Challenges & Strengths. While we have a very specific model we use for coaching clients, this model is always customized to fit your unique situation.  


A map from which you can identify two Relationship Positions...Traditional Relationship & Empowered Relationship.  This includes looking at how you relate to yourself as well as how you relate to others, esp. to a Primary Partner.

A Traditional Relationship includes demands, obligations, passivity, pretending, avoidance, aggression, compromise, competition, scorekeeping, burying things, authority, & seeing a loved one as someone that can hold you back, and therefore needs to be "fixed," "changed," or "controlled."  

Empowered Relationship includes passion, compassion, radical honesty & extreme ownership, real alignment, requests, knowing & honoring needs, respect, expansion & deepening, seeing all of your loved ones as allies, & cooperative/collaborative conversation. 

The Intimacy Blueprint will help you identify where you are in any given moment.  


The Four Essential Steps for moving from Traditional Relationship to Empowered Relationship.  


No matter how Advanced you become, and no matter how much you grow, you will always have your limits. The Four Access Points are the four doorways through which you can apply the P.O.E.T Process to continually grow your capacity when you bump up against your current relational and limits.  


How harmonizing the opposites will be the difference between relational struggle & relational ease.  


The POET Process (described above) is applied to relationship in two ways. It is applied during moments of being "in" an experience. When something "good" or "bad" is happening to you...and there is a "positive" or "negative" charge. It is also applied during moments of creation. When you are consciously creating a specific outcome.  

The 5 Stages of Creation are the steps you can use to consciously create a desired outcome.


All of the different tools & techniques that are applied to the sections above.  


Coaching &/or Accountability partners to keep you focused and on track with practicing the skills & creating what you want.

Begin Getting the Education & Support You Need To Create The PASSIONATE Life You Have ALWAYS Wanted!
Begin Getting the Education & Support You Need to Create The PASSIONATE Life You Want...


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