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In today's episode Jenny talks with Lesha Nelson...a trauma-informed, embodiment & womb spiral practitioner. They talk about the conditioning many of us face around women's bodies and appearance, and how that conditioning affects our relationship to ourself, sexuality and others. 
In today's episode, Jenny is coaching LIVE. Listen in as she works with a woman who "hates feeling that I won't be completely happy until I have a relationship." 
In today's episode Jenny completes the four-part series on John Gottman's Four Horsemen ( by discussing Horseman #4 - Stonewalling.
In today's episode Jenny talks about John Gottman's Horseman #3...Defensiveness. She explains what defensiveness is, what can lead to defensiveness, and what the antidote to defensiveness is.
In today's episode Jenny dives into John Gottman's Horseman #2...Contempt. She explains what contempt is, different ways it can show up, and what the antidote to contempt is.  
In today's episode, Bryce and Jenny discuss the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. They then go into greater detail on Horseman #1...CRITICISM. They discuss what it is and how it can impact a relationship. They also share an antidote, and how things can be turned around. 
What is Alignment, and what are the different ways you can get misaligned. In today's episode, Jenny discusses alignment, and 3 ways you can misaligned. She discusses the different types of imbalance...which may give you a clue as to how to get back in balance.  
How do you create more love and connection when you're afraid that love is the very thing that will hurt you?
In this episode, Bryce interviews Keeley Rankin and asks her some of our listener questions.  "What if my partner and I have different libidos?"  "Where do most couples get stuck?""How to increase desire from your partner?"
In today's episode, Jenny offers a decision making model for how to make relationship decisions when you feel stuck. This decision making model comes from the work of Susan Jeffers, PhD. 
When should a couple separate? What types of separation are there? What are the benefits and drawbacks of separating? What can you do if you are considering separation? These are all very delicate, important, and complex questions. We answer all of these and share our personal experience in this episode of the Advanced Relationship Podcast. 
In this episode Bryce discusses the power of judgements to heal ourselves, and offers a practice that you can apply to working with your judgements.  If you are holding onto any resentments or judgments of your partner, this is the perfect exercise for you to learn.
In this episode, Bryce and Jenny complete their discussion on the 5 Core Differences. They offer two practices for Integrating the Core Differences, and offer examples, and guidance, about how to do this. 
Today we discuss Core Difference #5... Problem Solving First Vs. Understanding First, and how both logic and emotion are important
Today we discuss Core Difference #4...Readily Upset Vs. Slow To Upset, and how both of these polarities can help you experience your true feelings.  
Bryce and Jenny continue their discussion on the Core Differences as laid out by Brent Atkinson and the Couple's Clinic.  In this episode they discuss the difference in a couple's need for structure. Learn how to navigate the difference in Predictability vs. Spontaneity.  
Do you orient more to future planning or living in the moment? These different styles can create major headaches in a relationship when it comes to finances, fun, relationship goals, family, work, and communication. In this episode Bryce and Jenny discuss this core difference. 
In today's episode Jenny talks about self-love, and offers a practice to tap into self-love no matter where you are on your self-love journey.
In this episode, Jenny & Bryce discuss one of the 5 main core differences laid out by Brent Atkinson.  They talk about why core differences aren't a problem, but how not understanding some fundamental aspects about core differences can cause A LOT of problems. 
In this episode, we discuss the delicate balance of working with "thirds" while maintaining the security of a primary partnership. "Thirds" can be defined as people or things outside of the relationship.
In today's episode Jenny and Bryce discuss Pete Walker's 4F Trauma Personality Types, and how these different types may interact in relationship. . 
In today's episode Jenny addresses a comment that came through on a recent Facebook Post. The question Jenny posed on Facebook was..."What's one thing about relationships that you wish you understood better?" 

Today Jenny offers a discussion related to one of the comments: "Why are charasmatic men jackasses?"  
In this episode, Bryce explains how the cognitive mechanisms that serve us in some ways, also cause distorted projections of our partner. We are relational beings that are in constant conversation with ourselves. It is extremely valuable to understand how this leads to projecting onto our partners and how we can use our awareness to challenge these stories. This is a quick and informative episode for those who like to geek out on the more "scientific" side of relationships. 
In today's episode Jenny interviews bestselling author & Relationship expert, Arielle Ford. Arielle shares her definition of love, they talk about what a soulmate is, and Arielle shares her experience of going from finding her soulmate to continually creating the loving relationship she desires. 
In today's episode, Bryce and Jenny discuss a topic that comes up frequently in our work with individuals and couples. What do you do when you're thinking or believing that your spouse needs to come on a self-development and/or spiritual journey with you...?
In today's episode Bryce and Jenny break down one of their recent conflicts. They discuss what happened, what was really going on under the surface, and how they moved through it smoothly...and not so smoothly. 
In today's episode Jenny discusses this quote:  "Logic & emotion ALWAYS coexist. If it appears that someone is begin 'too logical,' you don't understand their emotion...If it appears that someone is being 'too emotional,' you don't understand their logic" 
Today Jenny & Bryce discuss the theme of acceptance. What do you do if you don't feel Truly Seen and Accepted in your relationship life? .
In today's episode Jenny discusses what romance IS. She is then joined by Bryce, and together they answer two listener questions on romance...
In today's episode Jenny talks about your relationship to money. She discusses the different ways you may be "treating" money. Her and Bryce then answer a listener question. 
In today's episode Jenny talks about an Advanced Relationship Concept called projection. She discusses how we not only project "negative" thoughts, feelings and traits onto others, but also "positive" ones as well. Listen in to see how this can actually keep you from the connection you want. And listen in as Bryce and Jenny discuss a listener's question. 
In today's episode, Jenny and Bryce answer a listener question & discuss an important TRUTH about who we really are as "whole" people in a relationship.  
Today Jenny answer's a listener question about ways to connect other than Sex. Jenny took the liberty to discuss other concerns she, Jenny, experienced while reading this question.  
In today's episode, Jenny and Bryce answer a question about how to navigate a partner's way of dealing with anger.  
In today's episode Jenny offers some ideas to a caring father who wonders how he can better communicate and support his son in creating more meaning. 
In today's episode of "Ask A Relationship Coach" Jenny answers a listener question. The listener wonders how to approach it when her husband is talking to others instead of talking to her. 
In today's episode of "Ask A Relationship Coach," Jenny answers a listener question.  In the face of religious transition, the listener wonders, "How can I maintain Intimacy when loved ones are blaming me?"
In today's episode, Jenny and Bryce answer a question about trauma and the fear of intimacy. If you've ever wondered why you back away from intimacy or connection, check out this episode! 
In this episode, Jenny answers this question, offering two main suggestions.
While this is focused on a religious, mixed-faith marriage, question...the mindset shifts we offer, and the communication tools can be helpful for a variety of struggles!
In today's episode Bryce & Jenny answer a listener question.  What happens when you "need" to stay together for the kids?
We are mixing things up a bit and have decided to change the name of the podcast.  

Welcome to the "Ask A Relationship Coach Podcast!"  

Why are people always making jokes about how difficult the holidays can be? Maybe, because they're true! The holidays can be especially difficult on relationships because people don't understand one core concept about going into family situations with a partner. 
Bryce and Jenny outline what Conflict will look like in a Conscious Partnership. They pull from their knowledge of Emotionally Focused Therapy, Attachment Theory, and their own experience to give you a clear entry point into how to deal with day to day conflict.
In this episode Bryce and Jenny dive into their work with people dealing with religious differences. 
In this episode, Bryce speaks to the differences in how we attach to our partners and what that means for the relationship. Stan Tatkin, a leader in the work of Adult Attachment Theory, summarizes the 3 Attachment Styles as Anxious (Wave), Avoidant (Island), and Secure (Anchor). Do you know where you most often go when you're triggered? 
In this episode, Bryce explains what it will look like to sincerely get over things and where partners get so stuck. 
In this episode, Bryce speaks to the differences in how we attach to our partners and what that means for the relationship. Stan Tatkin, a leader in the work of Adult Attachment Theory, summarizes the 3 Attachment Styles as Anxious (Wave), Avoidant (Island), and Secure (Anchor). Do you know where you most often go when you're triggered? 
Bryce explains the parts of emotional safety that most people don't understand, why it has to be earned, and how to build more emotional safety with your closest relationships. 
In this episode, we interview LMFT and Master Trainer at the Gottman Institute, Laura Heck. Laura is the Co-Developer of The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work Leadership Training and also the Co-Host of Marriage Therapy Radio. 
There is no manual for how to go through a breakup, and there is a ton of bad advice out there.  In this episode, Bryce talks about the 3 stages of recovery from a breakup, how to go about damage control, and what you can to do grow from your situation.  
In this episode, Bryce interviews his parents on what it has been like to go through 34 years of marriage, business struggles, addiction in the family, raising a troubled youth, and so much more! 
Do you, or have you ever thought about, working with your significant other?  In this episode we are sharing an interview Paul Zelizer did with us on his Awarepreneurs Podcast.
In this episode, Bryce asks Jenny about the term "Emotional Load" and why women tend to carry the bulk of it...
"I was always taught that men can't be happy in a marriage where they are not the leader."  In this episode Bryce and Jenny answer a listener question...
There's no such thing as a perfect parent, but there are ways to better your relationship with your child. 
Today Jenny talks about changing your unhelpful relationship patterns by doing the opposite! 
In this episode, we ask Leah and Cody Young about their transition out of the LDS Church, their public excommunication, and how their marriage and family have grown through the process.
If you have ever wondered why friendships can feel so great, and then one day feel so bad...check out today's episode!
In this episode, we interview Erin and Dusty Stanczyk, the Co-Founders of Eat Move Rest. They are a husband and wife team that run the EatMoveRest Youtube channel, host international wellness retreats, provide lifestyle coaching, and raise their son, Max. In our talk, we ask them about their transition to healthy living, conscious partnership, and becoming entrepreneurs.
Some of the questions include "How do you know when your relationship is over?", "Why isn't he calling me back?", and "How do I save a relationship?" There's a nice mix of humor, perspective, and advice in this rapid-fire session Q and A.
Our society has it all wrong and people can spend years in talking about their anxiety, without experiencing much relief. Some forms of therapy are either not enough, or not necessary, to grow our capacity to be with our uncomfortable emotions and actually feel more free and alive.
Our culture often uses masculinity and femininity as the butt of a joke in our relationship talk. But...what is the truth about "masculine" men, and "feminine" women?  
In today's episode, Jenny discusses how you can use your feelings of depression to power up your relationship life.  
Bryce gives you a quick, 15-minute, jump start to help you fix any disagreement with someone in your life. No matter if it is big or small, this will allow you get out of your head and on a path to make things feel better.
In this episode, Bryce and Jenny speak to 5 measurements that help keep communication healthy and effective. By asking ourselves and each other about our intentions, our experience, and our goals, we are able to have way smoother disagreements and not get caught in "circular arguing". Not only are we able to reach a place that feels good for both people, we are also able to do in a ways that avoid causing more harm. 
In today's episode Jenny talks about the importance of being able to QUESTION EVERYTHING! While spending all of your time and energy questioning things probably wouldn't serve you, if you want to create more and more of your ideal relationship life, you MUST be ABLE to question your relationship dynamics.

In this episode, Bryce talks about false stories people have about how to take responsibility and solve conflicts. There actually aren't 1001 places where couples get stuck. There are usually only a few and he breaks them down one by one. This podcast is especially for those that either struggle with blame or taking on ALL the work in the relationship.
Are you doing what you want to do right now in this moment or are you doing things because you feel like you "have to" or "should"? Is your relationship where you want it to be and are you aware of why it is the way it is?
In this episode, Bryce explores how our own awareness of death can actually improve our life and our relationships. He talks about his own near death experience and how he has used it to focus on what matters. What would you say? How would you live? How would you feel if you really understood that we have a limited and unknown amount of time?
In today's episode, Jenny is going to talk about how INSECURE ATTACHMENT moments can leave us feeling unsure about what we want and what we care about. She will also talk about what you can DO when you're struggling to reconnect with yourself and what really matters!
In this episode, Bryce opens up new dialogue about what is possible beyond just having a healthy relationship. He talks about the 4 types of Unattached Relationships, struggles in the first phases of a dating, why many people want more than the base requirements, and what Powerful Relationship looks like. He also shares some of his own struggles in moving into this new phase of relationship and how you can move forward, too.

In this episode, Bryce and Jenny talk about some of the studies done on sex frequency and happiness, as well as their experience in working with couples. They discuss the dynamic that forms when one partner wants to have sex more than the other and how to create a space where both partners feel good about their sex life. Physical connection is an important piece of building a lasting and powerful partnership.

The Holidays are a Magnifier. They will magnify the love, support and joy in you life, while simultaneously magnifying grief, unresolved family conflicts, unhealthy patterns with family and friends, relationship problems, insecurities and personal weaknesses.  
In this episode, Bryce talks about why mindfulness is important in a relationship. He speaks to his own experience with meditation and how you can use this practice to help work through personal and relationship struggles more efficiently. He acknowledges that, "without a way to step back from our experience, we are forced to either solve our problems or think our way out of them before we can feel at peace."

In this episode we discuss one of the realities that will come up in any long-term relationships...DIFFERENCES. They talk about some of their own differences, and what it has looked like to face them, honor them, and grow through them.

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship and wondering, "What's the POINT?" I have spent the last 12 years in a deep study and work of relationships, and still find myself wondering, "What's the POINT?!" Today I will discuss the importance of this question, and how it can bring us to a greater understanding of the REAL POINT of relationships! If you ever find yourself struggling in an important relationship, you do NOT want to miss this episode!
Today Bryce and I talk about what makes the BIGGEST difference in creating the Relationship Life of YOUR DREAMS! If you are ready to create more of what you really want in your relationship life...more fun, more connection, more love, more support, more respect...This one thing is ESSENTIAL!
For those of you who are curious whether Therapy or Coaching is the way to go, check out this short bonus episode. In today's episode I talk briefly about my experience in the therapy world, the main difference between therapy and coaching, and how to decide which is the right path for you.
Have you ever wondered why setting boundaries in your relationships isn't working?!...These are some of the phrases that I hear from clients... - "They're not respecting my boundaries." - "I shouldn't need to set a boundary like that with ( husband, daughter, mom, dad, goldfish)...they should already know what to do/not do. - "So-and-so is crossing my boundaries."
Today, my Husband-Partner, Bryce and I, are talking about Love, Intimacy, the difference between the two, and why it matters! If you've ever wondered how you can LOVE someone so much, and yet still struggle to feel truly seen, heard, and do not want to miss today's episode. 
In today's episode I take a whack at debunking a story that keeps a lot of us stuck and limited in our relationship lives. Whether you want to up-level a personal or professional relationship, find out why trying to sterilize everything can actually keep you from more connection, tune in to find out how.
Today I talk about one of the most important topics in understanding the power of relationships...polarity. I share the secret power of the Negative!...and why both positive and negative aspects must be maintained to channel the current of connection. I will give you a tool to use when you're feeling a negative feeling, or thinking a negative thought so that you NEVER need to pretend, ignore the negative, or "just think positive" again.
After years of a relationship fantasy addiction, I decided to have the kind of relationship I really wanted...a REAL one. Today I'm discussing what an "Advanced" Relationship is...and what it takes to create it, and keep creating it!
In this episode I introduce you to a very special husband, Bryce Bauer. This episode was recorded a few months before launching the podcast, and about a week and a half before our wedding :)! We are excited to share this very special episode about our relationship journey with you!
In this episode, I get a little personal. After 30 years in the Mormon Religion, I talk about what questioning my religious beliefs had to do with creating more intimate, loving and powerful relationships!
Are you tired of feeling anxious, alone, and unseen in some of your most important relationships? Join 12-Year Relationship Expert, Jenny Morrow, as she shares more about her own relationship background, and why she's so invested in helping you!

*This is a 15-Min. phone consultation where we will learn more about your unique situation, tell you about Advanced Relationship Training & answer your questions!
Hear From Our Relationship Mastery Clients...
"I have read about other's approaches, but Jenny's process, P.O.E.T, works best for me! This understanding was the missing piece in my marriage!" 
Becky J.

"I have seen a will to thrive that was lacking before.  In my relationships I have been able to show up more authentically.  I feel a profound gratitude for Jenny, and her guidance!” 
Hannah N.
"The P.O.E.T process has become a daily road map for helping me to figure out what these powerful emotions, what they mean, and how to use that information to move forward toward the connection and intimacy I want in life. for the first time in many years, I feel that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train.” 
John B.

"Bryce is the man!  In just over a month he has helped me turn my life around emotionally.  I tried a few people before I found Bryce, and I have been able to see and feel the difference with his approach to coaching.
McKay C.
"The P.O.E.T process has helped me so much! My relationships with my family and myself have really grown while learning this process, and I feel more checked in to my life. I now have some great tools to get what I want out of life and to create stronger relationships. I am finally building the life I want instead of just coasting along!"
Amanda N.

"Jenny gets it.  Whenever I listen to her, what she has to say resonates with me.  Her understanding of complex human interactions and emotions that can be so overwhelming and her ability to take them apart into bite-sized, manageable, pieces has been AMAZING!
John B.
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